Artwork & a braindump

I got rough sketches of the first eight pieces of artwork for The Perfect Moment:
I am super excited about it - I have been playtesting the new cards almost every day this week, and I am getting them nailed down right now. I don't anticipate any more major changes to them, however I am still working on tweaking the wording to make them less ambiguous, and to balance them.
One funny thing that I discovered is that Jason decided that the story behind the "Kill Hitler" scenario was really a "Bank Robbery" scenario. Either way, the equipment could work for both.
I have also started asking myself "How would I make a 6 card expansion to The Fatal Flaw", and I have some up with some cool ideas. The theme that I am going with right now is Bertram Wooster misadventure. Then, I could add Jeeves as a card, and have him make you always able to score, or something like that. The new ideas that Jason came up with really gave me more ideas of my own for the game.
I …

Multi-use cards

I realize that the longer I play games the more drawn I am to card games. Cards are just so darn versatile. You can use them to do nearly anything. I have been thinking a lot about multi-use cards recently.

Obviously multi use cards are when cards in a game can be used for more than one thing, however cards are not just single or multiple use - there is a spectrum of multi-usedness that ranges from single use cards, all the way up to many use cards.

Single use cards:
Splendor is a good example of a game that has single use cards. There is not really anything to do with any card in Splendor except to play it to the table for its points and free money.

Clank is another. In clank, once you have a card, you really just have to play it for its effect.

Dual use cards:
Temporum is a good example of dual use cards. The player cards each have an ability (which consists of the money that they give when played, and the text that they have in their effects box), and also a scoring bar, which tell…

Madness and Motu

I have been working more on the Citadel of Madness, and on Motu. I finished up another round of changes to the Citadel, and am ready to playtest it again. I also finished up a new version of Motu, and played it twice on Tuesday - once at work and once at the board game design guild.

Here are my notes from the BGDG:
Make it obvious that activate is bottomHouse, meeple and x are all the same.Taking over more islands should cost more shellsPower up gather again!Swap gather to 2x and action to 1x shells.Ability to lock out cards by playersReword Marioso - to activate one card per turn max.Tie leaders and gods to strategy cards for legibilityCombine worship & deify, and trade & sacrificeUse goods as cost for abilitiesPut worshippers in corner of blue card, and tuck that corner.Up player interaction I will work on updating this stuff as I have time to. Perhaps I will even drop the game to a 36 card game from a 52 card game if I combine the strategies together.
The kickstarter for The…

Yet Another Brain Dump

I took The Citadel of Madness to the Board Game Design Guild meeting, and played it again. This  time with entirely new playtesters, so I got to see what a first time player feels again. I asked for first time players, so I am glad that I got them.

Here are my notes (*** means that I am going to do these things first)

Level up converters?Feels slow to take one action at a timeKeep track of who to pay?Swap white cubes for brown***End score: 17-1-2-6Encourage people to build more machines - how?Award points for more machines? ***Hiding actions in rooms failed - the game is just complexDrafting one card feels lame***take multiple cards as an action ***pay extra to take extra cards ***free cards every turn?drafting (or crappy actions) yield timebalance energy felt more valuable than othersremove balancebalance costs 2 generic energydon't make start device give specific energystarting device not able to upgrade?minions that can upgradeauto refresh minionsactivate all your minions as an …

More Motu

We played another two games of Motu (formerly Micronesia) the other day. Here are my notes:

Labor is a better Gather than Gather - Possibly make Gather also build more farms?
Islands should be worth 2 points each (or 3 if they have less places to tuck cards)
Laka sucks. Fix it.
Arohirohi should be: activate 1 ability n times.
Check the gods - they need to be weaker than the leaders without followers.
Hina is totally broken. Make her say 1+(n/4) points instead of 1+n points.
Perhaps some limit to the number of gods/worshipers per god is necessary. This will prevent the godsnowball of doom.

During the first game, I deified Hina, and then just won the game without any contest in four or five rounds. The game ended 13-26, and was not very fair.

Alison contended that Hina needed to be changed, and I agreed. She said that no strategy could overcome it, and I wasn't so sure. It seems that that there are multiple options for beating it, but they would all involve composing a good collecti…


I have recently been working on Micronesia a lot. I am still trying to find a good name for it - I might just go with the Maori word for island - Motu.

Either way, the game is ready to be brought to BGDG. I will have more to report about it after the 24th. Here is the end of my last game:
The left player won, but given one more turn, the right player would have won. It felt really close.
The game is still super unbalanced, but it is fun to make those crazy combos. I think that it plays like a Carl Chudyk game, which is really fun to me, given that I like his stuff a lot. I just have to make all of the cards broken the same amount, and then I will enjoy it even more.
I have also made a website over the last two days - one that is not yet complete, but at which you can see some of my icons. I need to still add a search feature, but once that is done I will have a much easier time keeping my new icons posted when I draw them.
Here it is (such as it is): https://publicdomainicons.firebase…

I Aten't Dead

I took a few weeks off from anything board games because after a reorganization at work, I suddenly found myself working on a far less desirable technology. All is well now, though. I went on a job hunt, and through the hand of providence secured a better paying job closer to home that allows me to set my own hours and work from home some times. I start next Friday.

I played two games of The Citadel of Madness on Friday, and had a pretty good time. Here are my notes from the games (and my explanations of them):

Name should be printed on both sides on part cards (I need to make it visually obvious that cards can be rotated 180 degrees, and making opposite facing names would do this. This is a really obvious solution to the issue, so I am happy that it was arrived at).Return all active workers to your mat (somehow the refresh action on the mat didn't say that, so I need to modify the action)Any ability that had an arrow takes your turn (this needs to be added to the rule doc, because…