Ks is live

I have been meaning to post for a while, but apparently I never did.

I have one big announcement, and a bunch of small ones:

The Perfect Moment is being published! You can find it here.

Also, I had a great time at Essen. I talked with a bunch of publishers, and placed some games for evaluation with them. 5 games that is. I don't think it is kosher to say who, but some are with really cool publishers.

Notes about Space Game

Here are some notes from my last BGDG meeting about Space Game:

Make the grid smaller4x4?3x3?Make it autofill after every draftMake it go to more points100?make planets have points, and planets have requirements to ship tocash value of each animal and plant should be on the cardbonus money for second, third, fourth start playersbring back the multishipsmake science make more effect on the game.Autoscience?Draft pool for science?

Getting ready for Essen

I finished up a version of Grab the Loot, and played it at BGDG and at work. It went fairly well, but I am still not really happy with it. I will probably do more work on it before I try playing it with people again.

At the same time I have been playing Terraforming Mars, and Near and Far at work. Both have been really fun.

I have also been working on a new version of Jurassic Universe because my kids keep wanting to play it with me. They love making the ecosystems, and figuring out what will eat what. Rea is very good at building "working" ecosystems (working according to game rules, not necessarily according to real world ecosystem rules.)

I have printed a new version with a few changes, and am ready to test it again. Here are the changes that I made:

Making more omnivorescombining an animal and a producer on each card (top and bottom)adding back in the science deck (and space scientists to allow you to use it)adding back in planets with rules I have also been working on ge…

Witch hunt is back, also I got some art.

I have been receiving artwork for The Perfect Moment recently, and I have to say - it is looking pretty good.

I have also dusted off Grab the Loot, and am considering what to do with it. I want to majorly rewrite it, so I might end up doing just that. The current idea is to bring the gameplay more in line with the silly theme, and to make it lighter and easier (without taking the optimization completely out of it.)

I have made a brief first attempt at that, but more has to be done before it is complete.

I also just made another version of Witch Hunt - this time I dropped it down to 9 cards, and 21 pennies. The BGDG liked it, so you might hear more about it some time. Here are my notes about the play through:

Adding in different types of could allow for different testimony "strength", which would add another layer to the strategy.penny = +1/-1, nickel = +2/-2, dime = +3/-3  Cheating is possible - tucking a penny under a card is prone to players looking.Use opaque cups on a smo…

A short notes post.

Here are my notes for the last BGDG meeting (which I never typed up till tonight): Add an icon to indicate when balancing is necessary?Perhaps scientists are needed to repair a room, but they refresh automatically when the action completesScarcity is fun to play withTime rooms are powerful abilities, and fairly cheap to obtain - perhaps make them more expensiveMake a bonus for ending the game - 3-5 points?machines are worth too much - perhaps 1 point each?make throne of arronax add a part or a coreremove some time cards from the gamesabotage rooms with minions? I have been really busy, so this is all that I am writing up right now.

Artwork & a braindump

I got rough sketches of the first eight pieces of artwork for The Perfect Moment:
I am super excited about it - I have been playtesting the new cards almost every day this week, and I am getting them nailed down right now. I don't anticipate any more major changes to them, however I am still working on tweaking the wording to make them less ambiguous, and to balance them.
One funny thing that I discovered is that Jason decided that the story behind the "Kill Hitler" scenario was really a "Bank Robbery" scenario. Either way, the equipment could work for both.
I have also started asking myself "How would I make a 6 card expansion to The Fatal Flaw", and I have some up with some cool ideas. The theme that I am going with right now is Bertram Wooster misadventure. Then, I could add Jeeves as a card, and have him make you always able to score, or something like that. The new ideas that Jason came up with really gave me more ideas of my own for the game.
I …

Multi-use cards

I realize that the longer I play games the more drawn I am to card games. Cards are just so darn versatile. You can use them to do nearly anything. I have been thinking a lot about multi-use cards recently.

Obviously multi use cards are when cards in a game can be used for more than one thing, however cards are not just single or multiple use - there is a spectrum of multi-usedness that ranges from single use cards, all the way up to many use cards.

Single use cards:
Splendor is a good example of a game that has single use cards. There is not really anything to do with any card in Splendor except to play it to the table for its points and free money.

Clank is another. In clank, once you have a card, you really just have to play it for its effect.

Dual use cards:
Temporum is a good example of dual use cards. The player cards each have an ability (which consists of the money that they give when played, and the text that they have in their effects box), and also a scoring bar, which tell…