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Street Savoir-Faire?

I have been spending a lot of time in gimp preparing the dancing robots cards to look good for my printing. I have the following to show for my efforts:

They seem to be getting closer to correct, but I still am working on them a bit.

Also, I am considering entering cook the books into this contest. I just need to retheme it as an Oliver Twist game.

Getting ready for the blind testing.

I just got my copies of Burgoo, Templar Intrigue, and Coin Age. They were excellent quality, and I am very happy with all of them.

Over lunches recently I have been not playing games because I have been working on my dancing robot cards. They are coming along quite nicely.

Here is a sample of what will probably be the final look of the cards. I have a poll running to choose between a few final versions of the cards. The poll is here.

Burgoo, Templar Intrigue, Coin Age

I have received word that my rewards from my first Kickstarter campaigns will arrive soon (probably Monday). This is exciting because I have been waiting for them for a while.
With the small time frame between now and receiving Burgoo we have seen a resurgence of interest in it at work. It is a really fun game, especially for the small size that it is, and the simplicity of the rules.
I have been working on an android app for my daughter. It is a really simple application, but since I have never created a real android app before I am still learning things. Hopefully I will be done soon so that I can focus more on finishing up all of my Dancing Robots cards.
I figure that my next step is to get some high fidelity copies made up and  send them out to a publisher and some reviewers. If the publisher doesn't respond in a reasonable amount of time, then I will send it to another one while setting up a kick-starter campaign (and sending it to more reviewers). If the second one doesn'…

The Dearth

I did not post for a week because I was at a technical conference, and did not get much gaming in.

Since I have come back we have mostly been playing Resistance with the Lancelot expansion. We also played some Love Letter as well, but nothing other than that.

I am thinking of starting to review some games (just for fun).