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The Kickstarter post

Here is the promised Kickstarter campaign.

I am sort of tempted to contact the people that support me first and preprint their things (so that I can ship most of the counters that are printed the day that I get funded). I think that that would go over well :).

Jurassic Universe

After talking with my coworkers about the new Jurassic World movie I had a dream about a new game. It is 'Jurassic Universe'. Basically the players try to build themepark space habitations that have balanced ecosystems (full of dinosaurs obviously, since the people all like seeing dinosaurs) and attract lots of tourists. I am not quite sure of the winning condition, but I think that the game could be fun to make.

Probably I am going to be drawing some space dinosaurs soon.

Also, I am making a Kickstarter campaign for the twist counters that I have been 3d printing recently (pictured to the right). I hope to launch it this week, so hopefully that goes well.

I will post here when the campaign goes live to keep you all  updated.

A new game

This week we had a meeting of the Sandy Utah Board Game Designers group. We played some Moar Moai, some Polynesia, and a game that Ryan Laukat started making (it was named something like 'Tale of the Swords'). It was lighter than most of his games that he has made so far, and Alison and I both liked it a great deal more than his previous games (we like light strategy games, so it was closer to us as an audience.)

The game seemed pretty much like a redwall adventure/strategy game. You get a race of sentient furry/slimy animals and go around gathering mystic swords and other artifacts and then you destroy 'monsters' with them (where monster is defined as a predator animal). We actually finished an entire game of it (which has never happened in the game night time frame that we set up.) When he finishes this game I am looking forward to the kickstarter.

I picked cats (figuring that I'd be playing as feisty tom cats, but they ended up being fat lazy lap cats), Alison p…

A non-working 3d printable twist counter

I tried to 3d print a twist counter (like this failed kickstarted campaign that I bought into).
My second attempt is below:
It doesn't yet twist, but when it does the STL files are free for the taking.

I am using tinkercad to edit the file. Here is the link to the file.