A new game

This week we had a meeting of the Sandy Utah Board Game Designers group. We played some Moar Moai, some Polynesia, and a game that Ryan Laukat started making (it was named something like 'Tale of the Swords'). It was lighter than most of his games that he has made so far, and Alison and I both liked it a great deal more than his previous games (we like light strategy games, so it was closer to us as an audience.)

The game seemed pretty much like a redwall adventure/strategy game. You get a race of sentient furry/slimy animals and go around gathering mystic swords and other artifacts and then you destroy 'monsters' with them (where monster is defined as a predator animal). We actually finished an entire game of it (which has never happened in the game night time frame that we set up.) When he finishes this game I am looking forward to the kickstarter.

I picked cats (figuring that I'd be playing as feisty tom cats, but they ended up being fat lazy lap cats), Alison picked hares (which moved around a bit and bred like bunnies), and Ryan got mice (which started the intergenerational cat/mouse blood war and also pawned their swords for gold).

Alison's hares were traveling all over the board and collected a few swords to slay two monsters while Ryan was attacking me and building cities all over the local countryside. My cats were mostly just laying in a pile and breeding because the cards that allowed me to move never came up for me in the first half of the game.

During the middle of the game Alison's hares started to reproduce rapidly and get lots of point cards that allowed her to gain points from occupying various territories. My cats finally started to move and they discovered the nests of many Rocs and sat on the eggs (for good measure). Ryan built more cities and killed a monster.

By the end of the game I found a card that gave me points for sitting on artifacts (fortunate, since my cats were in egg heaven), and got some dusty old tomes fir bonus points. Alison killed her two monsters and kept breeding prodigiously. Ryan started building boats to visit other continents, but wasn't very successful. Alison ended the game by overbreeding (when you run out of dudes the game ends).

Alison and I came in first and second with scores in the mid 70s and a gap of only 2 points, and Ryan was 10 or so behind. It was a good game.

In other news the 3d printer is having some trouble. I have yet to figure out what it is, but I think that the model of the turner is nearly complete. I have a version with icons on it and a version that is blank.

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