Saturday, June 28, 2014

The new face of a witch

I have been playing some more games of Witch Hunt recently. I have changed the rules to be a bit more simple and to not require as many components. It seems like the entire game for 3 to 7 players could fit into a 54 card box. This is sort of exciting since if the game were under $10 then it would be really cheap for the amount of enjoyment that you could get out of it (and it feels like $10 is a reasonable price point for a 54 card game.)

I have also been working on the artwork for the game. I totally contacted Kit Cox and got his permission to use his artwork for the cards (just for prototype purposes, not for actual production of the game), so now I am in a position to send out some play testing decks and see if I can get some reviews that will help to clean the game up.

I think that his artwork fits the theme of the game really well, and doesn't detract from what the cards do be being too bad (like any artwork that I would create if I were to do it myself.)

Here is the new Card Gallery as well as the new Rules.

Harbour (which I playtested right before it launched on kickstarter) has been blowing its stretch goals out of the water. It is currently approaching 110k in funding (the original goal was 15k). I really hope that it gets to the 150k stretch goal mark as that would allow the game to include everything that I play tested and then some. If you have not supported it, it is a fun one. The art alone is worth buying the game over, and the market mechanic is of similar quality (it is a really cool mechanic that makes the game so interesting.)

I have also been asked again to do some blind playtesting for another game. Apparently people are interested in hearing what I have to say about their games. :)

This is the third time that I have been asked to do this (two people have even quoted my review in their successful kickstarter campaigns). I really enjoy playing other people's games, so I have a hard time not accepting any offer like this. Either way. This guy wants me to not release too much info right now, but when I write up my review I will ask him if I can post it online. Probably he will be fine with that.

Finally, I have had vague ideas about a new game. Perhaps I will throw something together soon.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Witch Hunting for fun and profit

We have been playing more Witch Hunt recently. With the recent modifications to the rules (mainly reducing the amount of testimony cards that players have) the game is moving along much quicker. Perhaps it is even going too quickly now.

I might have to give a different number of testimony cards based on how many players there are. Probably the way that this will change is that the player will get all of their testimony cards and then discard down to the number of cards that is required.

Here is a possible chart
PlayersCards EachTotal Cards

I am also thinking that the persons are going to have to change (probably I will make fewer of them in total).

Finally, I think that this game is nearly good enough to open it up to blind playtesting. Once I get some functional artwork I will put out a call for playtesters. If anyone reading this wants to volunteer to playtest, send me a message.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Probably joining the BGDG

I have started on some artwork for witch hunt. It still is not complete by any means, but it is closer to what I want than the white paper with black writing that I used to have.

The cards were designed by me, and the art was drawn by Kit Cox. I found it on the Discworld Wiki. I am currently tracking down Kit and asking him permission to use it, but I have not succeeded so far in contacting him. (He is no longer active on the wiki, and the last time he posted there was 6 years ago). I think that I have found him on Facebook, but it remains to be seen weather it really is him or not.

I am trying to come up with ways to speed up the game, and I think that lowering the number of testimony cards will do that. Perhaps that will be enough, but perhaps I will have to do more.

I am being quoted on another Kickstarter campaign (this time by tasty minstrel games, so a bigger campaign than last time).

I have not gotten as many games of Harbour in as I would have liked recently. With summer vacations and conferences lots of guys are gone each day and it is harder to get a group together.

I have been trying to get my schedule set up in such a way that would allow me to join the Board Game Designer's Guild of Utah for a while. I finally gave up and tried to set up my own group (which was largely unsuccessful). After trying to go it alone, I was finally able to get my schedule changed to allow me to attend the BGDG's meetings. It meets on the 2nd and the 4th Tuesdays of every month. It looks like the 24th will be an interesting day :).

Also, I have some artwork for the Judge cards for dancing robots. Here are some examples:
Obviously they are not as good as Dave's art, but I am working with what I have.