The new face of a witch

I have been playing some more games of Witch Hunt recently. I have changed the rules to be a bit more simple and to not require as many components. It seems like the entire game for 3 to 7 players could fit into a 54 card box. This is sort of exciting since if the game were under $10 then it would be really cheap for the amount of enjoyment that you could get out of it (and it feels like $10 is a reasonable price point for a 54 card game.)

I have also been working on the artwork for the game. I totally contacted Kit Cox and got his permission to use his artwork for the cards (just for prototype purposes, not for actual production of the game), so now I am in a position to send out some play testing decks and see if I can get some reviews that will help to clean the game up.

I think that his artwork fits the theme of the game really well, and doesn't detract from what the cards do be being too bad (like any artwork that I would create if I were to do it myself.)

Here is the new Card Gallery as well as the new Rules.

Harbour (which I playtested right before it launched on kickstarter) has been blowing its stretch goals out of the water. It is currently approaching 110k in funding (the original goal was 15k). I really hope that it gets to the 150k stretch goal mark as that would allow the game to include everything that I play tested and then some. If you have not supported it, it is a fun one. The art alone is worth buying the game over, and the market mechanic is of similar quality (it is a really cool mechanic that makes the game so interesting.)

I have also been asked again to do some blind playtesting for another game. Apparently people are interested in hearing what I have to say about their games. :)

This is the third time that I have been asked to do this (two people have even quoted my review in their successful kickstarter campaigns). I really enjoy playing other people's games, so I have a hard time not accepting any offer like this. Either way. This guy wants me to not release too much info right now, but when I write up my review I will ask him if I can post it online. Probably he will be fine with that.

Finally, I have had vague ideas about a new game. Perhaps I will throw something together soon.

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