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NaGaDeMon 2013 Day -1

Today is Halloween, which means that tomorrow marks the beginning of National Game Design Month 2013.

Last year I created Dancing Robots, which I am almost ready to start pitching to publishers.

This year I have two games that I am considering making:
1) a worker placement game where you attempt to build the most Moai (giant stone statues) which ends(enters the scoring phase) when the island is stripped of all resources.
2) a single/cooperative multiplayer game thematically based on the Roguelike genera of computer games.

The first is currently tentatively labeled 'MOAR MOAI!' (though that will likely change). I have considered how I want the game to play out quite a bit, but haven't yet worked through the math behind it. I am thinking it will take a couple of mats and a bunch of colored cubes. One mechanic that I think would be cool is having the game occur over two phases - the building phase (where you cut trees, feed your people, and build stone heads), and the scoring…