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Madness and Motu

I have been working more on the Citadel of Madness, and on Motu. I finished up another round of changes to the Citadel, and am ready to playtest it again. I also finished up a new version of Motu, and played it twice on Tuesday - once at work and once at the board game design guild.

Here are my notes from the BGDG:
Make it obvious that activate is bottomHouse, meeple and x are all the same.Taking over more islands should cost more shellsPower up gather again!Swap gather to 2x and action to 1x shells.Ability to lock out cards by playersReword Marioso - to activate one card per turn max.Tie leaders and gods to strategy cards for legibilityCombine worship & deify, and trade & sacrificeUse goods as cost for abilitiesPut worshippers in corner of blue card, and tuck that corner.Up player interaction I will work on updating this stuff as I have time to. Perhaps I will even drop the game to a 36 card game from a 52 card game if I combine the strategies together.
The kickstarter for The…