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ChibiMob: A Review

I was asked recently by Marc Di Stefano if he could use some quotes from me in his current kickstarter campaign. This will be the fourth time that I am quoted in a kickstarter campaign :).

He also offered to send me a copy of the game that he is kickstarting, and since it arrived yesterday I played a few more games of it (ChibiMob) with Alison last night. We first discovered this game during a design contest (probably last year?), and have played it on and off since then. We were supposed to only play one game last night, but but we ended up playing more.

I thought that I would write up a review of the game (I just backed it on Kickstarter, so this seems like a good time for a review).

Overview: Chibi Mob is a light-weight* strategic card game with elements of drafting, hand management, action point allowance, something like deck building, and a small amount of 'take that' in the last few turns.
*This game feels like an incredibly weighty light game. There are not that many rul…

The Guilds of Space

I have have been able to play 3 more games of Jurassic Space since I last posted here. The game is progressing along nicely, although it still needs a lot of work.

I am about to start doing more research so that I can make the plant growth smoother (right now you plant large monocultures of plants, but really I want to have a way that you can build 'guilds' of plants, and then just have them grow all together.)

I also intend to replace the map of the solar-system with a randomized map.

In other news, I have been getting a good amount of orders for twist counters at my storefront website (linked in the upper right). I am working on making smaller counters for people that are interested in smaller counters, and also making the dual counters smaller (because most people will use them as a score tracker in my opinion, and so they will only need to print 10 numbers on each to reach 100)

Jurassic Space

My new game is currently called "Jurassic Space". It is a concern balancing drafting game where you build an ecosystem on a space habitat and then transport it to a planet that wants the resources.

I have been working on it for two weeks. Friday I played my first game of it, and since then I have played two more (one was a 3 player game, and it works with three players).

Here are some cards:
And the map:
I need to write down my rules so that I can record how it changes during the creation process.

I hope to play a game of it at the Sandy board game design group meetup (if we have the time). We are meeting tomorrow. For anyone who is interested, the group is here.