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It's a Doge eat Doge world

I have been preparing for my presentations for the Ion award. I have the beginnings pretty good, but need to practice the sample turns still.

I found out that the Sandy board game design group is probably going away, since no one wants to pay a monthly fee for it. It was useful to me when I couldn't make it to the BGDG, but now that my Tuesdays are free, I don't really see the need for two groups anymore.

I'm also starting to work on a new game named "Doge city". It is based on the computer game

Alison and I played a game today, and it mostly works. Perhaps I'll post it some time (after it works and has written rules)

I had a dream about a game where the players each had dinosaur species that they were evolving. I woke up and wrote it down and it almost seems playable already. Some time I should make it and see if it is.

I also still haven't made my new "giant robots fight alien war machines" game yet.

Apparently the moment Salt Con is …

Again with the finalists!

It was recently announced that the two games that I submitted to the ION Award are both finalists! I am super excited. I need to start preparing to present them. In order to do that I created the ION Award finalist showcase meetup. I got one of the other finalists to agree to present his game, and I have another finalist that might also show up, so we will practice our presentations and hopefully improve our preparation level.

I have put up Moar Moai, Polynesia, and Sorcery, Inc. on to tabletop simulator. The three of them can be found here for those who have TTS, and are interested in trying them out.

I also had an idea for a terrible game. Perhaps the guy that made cards against humanity could make it. In the game: each player starts with a certain number of cards that represent facial features. Players play until one player has had plastic surgery on their entire face. Players take turns getting plastic surgery (and use up their money to do so). Roll dice to see the result. Low sco…