It's a Doge eat Doge world

I have been preparing for my presentations for the Ion award. I have the beginnings pretty good, but need to practice the sample turns still.

I found out that the Sandy board game design group is probably going away, since no one wants to pay a monthly fee for it. It was useful to me when I couldn't make it to the BGDG, but now that my Tuesdays are free, I don't really see the need for two groups anymore.

I'm also starting to work on a new game named "Doge city". It is based on the computer game

Alison and I played a game today, and it mostly works. Perhaps I'll post it some time (after it works and has written rules)

I had a dream about a game where the players each had dinosaur species that they were evolving. I woke up and wrote it down and it almost seems playable already. Some time I should make it and see if it is.

I also still haven't made my new "giant robots fight alien war machines" game yet.

Apparently the moment Salt Con is over I will have three games to work on. That isn't a bad thing I guess.

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