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Post SaltCon slowness

SaltCon was super fun. I played a bunch of games that were new to me, bought a bunch of games, and also pitched the Citadel of Madness to a publisher with moderate success.

My favorite game from the convention was Santorini. Alison's was Clank!. We had played neither before. As a result of this, I have a good idea for a birthday present for Alison.

When I pitched Citadel of Madness, Ryan liked the game, and said that he wants to see how it will develop, and would consider publishing it if I were to clean it up and change the score cards. I am happy with that. His ideas were quite fun, and I am going to try them out soon. I don't get to go to the next BGDG because I have a dentist appointment planned then, however hopefully by the one that is two after that I will be ready to go with my changes.

I have been drawing more icons, but haven't been able to work on my games very much - it has been pretty busy. That being said, I do have plans to do that soon - once I get the time…