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I have played a new game that is in the PnP stage. It is entitled Avignon (by John duBois), and the rules/parts are available here. Considering the length of the rules and the amount of parts that are necessary the game is really fun. It has rules that are simple but allow for a lot of strategy. (Edit: I got permission to link to the rules, so Try it out everyone :).

I also found an interesting kickstarter campaign too. Here is a link to it. I was surprised to not have been notified of it by Indie Boards and cards (I am on their newsletter). Either way, I found out about it before it ended, so that is good.

First Sandy Playtesting Group meeting report

We had six people show up (not counting my three children whose babysitter was absent).
Two games were played:
An unreleased expansion to Eight Minute Empire (I think out was called Lost Lands), which improved the already good game a great deal in my opinion.An unreleased dungeon crawl called either Venture or Entrada.
Both games got some feedback, and we ended at about nine (it went about two hours).

It seemed to be well enjoyed by all (I personally had fun).
We arrived to the group late because when we tried to drop our children off at the baby sitters house they were entirely absent. This was sad because it was our first meeting and I was hoping that it would go really well.
I didn't get to show off any of my games, but hopefully at the next one we will arrive on time and be able to.

Move cards first draft complete

I have completed a first draft of my Dancing Robot move cards. I am still missing some artwork for the parts (the Portuguese guy who is drawing it is taking some time finishing the last three parts). I have made do with a hand drawn "Stand" card as well as a small version of Dave's "Droid" card (since the third card is a antigravity device it is technically not necessary for any given move).

Here are some samples:

Here is the full gallery.

Dancing robots cards updates.

I have recently been working on the format of my dancing robots cards. I have been changing the way that all of the cards are laid out to put heat and electricity values in the upper right hand corner. This will allow the cards to be more easily read by just looking at the top half of the card. With these changes all of the rule text at the bottom has also generally become shorter.
I also went through and fixed up the judges with actual art.
Now I am starting to working on the move cards. When I am done I will be ready to make some more efforts to get some Playtesters to play it.
Over the weekend I got some players to play witch hunt. They liked it fairly well. I will continue to play test it and post updates.