First Sandy Playtesting Group meeting report

We had six people show up (not counting my three children whose babysitter was absent).
Two games were played:
  1. An unreleased expansion to Eight Minute Empire (I think out was called Lost Lands), which improved the already good game a great deal in my opinion.
  2. An unreleased dungeon crawl called either Venture or Entrada.

Both games got some feedback, and we ended at about nine (it went about two hours).

It seemed to be well enjoyed by all (I personally had fun).

We arrived to the group late because when we tried to drop our children off at the baby sitters house they were entirely absent. This was sad because it was our first meeting and I was hoping that it would go really well.

I didn't get to show off any of my games, but hopefully at the next one we will arrive on time and be able to. 

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