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A report of the most recent Sandy board game design group meetup

I went to the board game design group meeting last Wednesday. We played three games.

The first game we played was Sorcery, Inc. It went well, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. We played with my new cards (The ones that I added art to recently). Ryan said that he really liked the main mechanic of the game. :)
The second game was 'Snake Wrangler' it was a press your luck dice game, and it went fairly well (though we changed some rules during the game.)

The third game was Near and Far (A new game by Ryan Laukat (in the same world as Above and Below)). It was really fun. Probably the best game that Ryan has made (in my opinion). It was a RPG/adventure game where you have a guy that gains magic artifacts, traits, and fame.

You have a different fame score in each civilization (the humans might like you and the hog folk might hate you) sort of like Grand Theft Auto 2 (which I played once in my teenage years). Being the most well liked person wins you the game, and probably before the …

Sorcery, Inc. card art

I had a crazy idea the other day, and had to try it out. My 'Sorcery, Inc.' game is quite hard to understand for most players (even people that play a lot of games can't seem to figure it out), so I thought that artwork would help.
For the background of the card I had an idea of a circuit board magic circle, which I couldn't find any examples of on the internet. I thought it was beyond my skill level, but since nothing existed I started anyway. It is still in the beginning stages, but I am quite pleased with how well it has gone so far.
Soon I will print them up and bring them to the Sandy Board Game Design group to see how other designers like them.

Kickstarter Successful

My first kickstarter campaign was successful. I am currently trying to fulfill things, but that doesn't mean that I have had no time for gaming :)

I played some Dominion yesterday at lunch (I lost by 1 point because my treasure maps took too long to collide) We also played a game of Dead Drop (which was pretty fun.)
Sunday night I played 5 tribes for the first time, and I liked it quite a bit. It had randomness and strategy in the right proportions. Alison said she would enjoy playing it again.
Once I fulfill this campain I intend to buckle down and make cards for MOAR MOAI! and for Polynesia. I might get crazy and make some for Sorcery Inc too. Who knows?

1 week of kickstarter

A week into the kickstarter campaign and I am 600% funded. I honestly didn't expect it to go this well. I did spend some up front time advertising it among certain crowds, but I have gotten more people than I can account for.

Additionally, I am quite surprised at how many people were willing to pay extra money for counters of a different color. Perhaps I should have opened up more slots for that, but at the present time I would rather have a very successful campaign that I fulfill quickly than a campaign that gets me a lot of free filament and takes a long time to fulfill.

I have started printing bases for the rewards (Since those don't depend on the choices of the backers - all bases are the same). I can print 21 in about 2.5 hours, so I expect that I will be able to print all of the bases before the campaign closes.

I think that this will make me able to fulfill faster than people will expect. I hope that it makes people more likely to back my projects in the future.

Now I am…