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I'm not dead yet

Alison has been sick for the last few weeks, so both the kickstarter and the robot game have been shelved for a while. At the same time, I have continued on Micronesia, and it is growing into a reasonable game. Though I have not come up with a name for it yet, it is now a viking themed 4xish game where you take over islands and deify your leaders into Norse gods.

I stole the artwork from this guy, who totally drew an awesome set of Norse gods, as well as a bunch of Tolkien themed pictures as well. Obviously the artwork is a placeholder until I can get art made for me.

I printed up some ships and some tokens for the game, and have had a few playtests so far. It still needs a lot of work (mostly with balancing at this point), but it is coming along.

It has been fun to learn more about Norse mythology. The goddess Idunn (pictured above) is a goddess of apples (for one thing), which is a funny portfolio element for a god to have.

Another interesting thing that lawyers (Logmadr) were respe…

Almost ready for another kickstarter

I finished my design for the Dominion tokens. I like the way that they look, so I am thinking of making a Kickstarter campaign to sell some copies of them. I don't really want to do it, but I think that I should so that I can actually make my business profitable this year (that is the goal, after all).

I have also finished up a first iteration of the new game (which is currently code-named Micronesia, though that is going to have to change.) It is playable for two players. I will try over the course of this week to get it to the table at work.

I have also started brainstorming for the new giant robots fighting aliens game. I am excited to theme it as being in one of Sam Huge's universe (I want to sort of mash the Ed universe into the Fine Structure universe so that I can make the giant robots also come from the place where the script is from.)

When I get anything done I'll post it.