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Moar Table Top Simulator

I have been making some changes to MOAR MOAI recently. I posted a copy of it on Table Top Simulator, but haven't gotten any comments yet. I am really thinking of submitting it to a publisher (apparently it was ineligible to be submitted to the ION Award since it was a finalist in the past).

I added back in the explorer token and also made the effects of the event cards more powerful. I am thinking of making changes to the start of the game where each player selects how many workers they want to start with and gets more statues of they select the fewest (and fewer if they select the most).

I haven't been working on any other board games (I have been programming a tower defense game to serve as a competition for my coworkers, and that has taken a lot of my time.)

The push is over

I submitted my Ion Award games. It was a lot of work getting them ready, but I am pretty happy about how they ended up.

Moar moai received a massive rules makeover, also a big visual makeover as well. I think that it is better because of it.

Dave even got me new board art, so I have been trying to rework my mats and cards to match the new look.

Sorcery had it's rules rewritten as well, and the artwork was slightly tweaked. The biggest change was in the rules themselves, however. We added in rewards for adding cards to the Universal Machine, and changed the effects of Love back to its historic effect.

Polynesia didn't change much, but it has better rules.

I think that I will be working on space game again, or perhaps this 4x that I have been thinking of.