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NagaDemon 2016: Day 27

Contrary to popular belief, I am not dead. I just took a vacation and totally worked on my cards a whole bunch during that time. My wife and I got through two entire games of "The Madness Place" (my NagaDemon), so technically I have already won, however I still need a lot more work to make the game play smoothly.

Currently the rules are as follows:

There is a hexagonal board composed of a center room, and 6 surrounding rooms. The board grows during the game. Players have a pawn that starts in the center room, and also a set of completion tokens. Players start with 7 cards from the deck, and a character card. Every player gets three actions a turn, and for their actions they can do any of the following:

Move your pawn to any room that there is a clear path to (must be either unnocupied or fixed)Draw a card from the deckPlay a card (either build a construct/machine/clank/device or impress a spark/minion). Pay the cost on the bottom of the card to play it.Science! (modify a cons…

NagaDemon 2016: Day 17

Things are going at full steam right now (ha ha). I think that I will print off my first version of the cards tonight and try the game out some time this weekend. I have given each player unique abilites, combined clanks, minions, constructs, and sparks into one type of card (so the rules for them are all identical), and I have now only three types of cards: ambulators, machines, and devices.

The ambulators are built by paying the cost on the bottom of the card, and activated by paying the cost on the left. They provide the benefits listed in the on the right, and have the abilities listed in the center. Ambulators have a Spark modifier of 0.
Machines are built in the exact same way as ambulators, however they have a modifier of -2, which makes them easier to build than ambulators. The other difference is that machines cannot be moved unless the person moving the machine spends 1 strength per output symbol on the machine.

Devices are built in the same way as ambulators, however they h…

NagaDemon 2016: Day 11

I sort of took a few days "off", so I am a little behind. I have given stats (but not abilities) to all of the 148 cards in the main deck, and the 12 character cards that currently remain in the game. I haven't yet made all of the room cards, so I still have work on that front. I also have a lot of mechanics dreamed up, which I will outline here:

Players start with a player card that has stats similar to any other normal card. Each player card has a generic backside that gives them +2 "Spark", and perhaps other generic bonuses so they can remain hidden until they want to reveal who they are (and still have a bonus).

Each player card has a special objective that they can complete for bonus points, most of which has them repairing the castle in order to complete it.

Each player can build clanks and add cards to clanks and other core parts by using "build points" which they get based on their cards in play, and which refresh each turn. Clanks have stats,…

NagaDemon 2016: Day 3

I have 294 card names created... All of them are based on actual things from the original comic (people, things, places). Perhaps I bit off more than I can reasonably chew, but I going to try making as many of them as I can.

I will probably end up throwing out half of them.

At least I won't have to come up with that many names of my own :)

Todo: make game abilities for them all...

This is going to be a hard NagaDemon

NagaDemon 2016: Day 2

I am beginning to work on my idea - turning it into a game. Right now I am in the "throw all of the ideas together, and then figure out how the mechanics will work. I am thinking that powerful cards will produce 3x the stuff that they take to make, and the weak ones will go nearly to producing 1x as many things as they take.

I haven't yet started on the naming of the rooms. I am just brainstorming all of the cards right now.