NagaDemon 2016: Day 27

Contrary to popular belief, I am not dead. I just took a vacation and totally worked on my cards a whole bunch during that time. My wife and I got through two entire games of "The Madness Place" (my NagaDemon), so technically I have already won, however I still need a lot more work to make the game play smoothly.

Currently the rules are as follows:

There is a hexagonal board composed of a center room, and 6 surrounding rooms. The board grows during the game. Players have a pawn that starts in the center room, and also a set of completion tokens. Players start with 7 cards from the deck, and a character card. Every player gets three actions a turn, and for their actions they can do any of the following:

  • Move your pawn to any room that there is a clear path to (must be either unnocupied or fixed)
  • Draw a card from the deck
  • Play a card (either build a construct/machine/clank/device or impress a spark/minion). Pay the cost on the bottom of the card to play it.
  • Science! (modify a construct/clank/device/spark/minion), you must have enough spark to balance the new abomination of science.
  • fix room (pay the cost and place a completion token on the room. At the end of the game, you will get points for any rooms that you have a completion token on them which the winning team uses (either Agatha, or Zola))

Once a room is completed, draw and place tiles in any adjacent slots that are not yet revealed. Once any player has completed 6 rooms, the build phase of the game ends, and the scoring phase begins. During scoring, players see where the two "heterodynes" appear, and where they are trying to get to and then they throw in their lot with one of them. They have to help the "heterodynes" complete their final rooms (which are randomly pulled from a stack of endgame rooms, and are much harder than normal rooms.), and the "heterodyne" that completes their rooms the fastest wins, and any rooms along that team's path are scored, (with the team that threw their lot in with that team getting bonus points as well).

Here are some samples of the set of cards I made:

As you can see, rooms are not yet hex tiles. I expect to get to that pretty quickly, and also to the following list of fixes that came up from last game:

  • Dr. Gallaird Prunestoggle costs way too little.
  • The Master's library should require more spark to fix
  • Otilia should say "discarded from play"
  • Needs more machines. Just make up some.
  • Flametongue should have charisma as his pump action
  • there should be a way to decompose something. (perhaps a card that lets you do it? adding it to Science! would seem sort of weird.)

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