NagaDemon 2016: Day 17

Things are going at full steam right now (ha ha). I think that I will print off my first version of the cards tonight and try the game out some time this weekend. I have given each player unique abilites, combined clanks, minions, constructs, and sparks into one type of card (so the rules for them are all identical), and I have now only three types of cards: ambulators, machines, and devices.

The ambulators are built by paying the cost on the bottom of the card, and activated by paying the cost on the left. They provide the benefits listed in the on the right, and have the abilities listed in the center. Ambulators have a Spark modifier of 0.

Machines are built in the exact same way as ambulators, however they have a modifier of -2, which makes them easier to build than ambulators. The other difference is that machines cannot be moved unless the person moving the machine spends 1 strength per output symbol on the machine.

Devices are built in the same way as ambulators, however they have a modifier of +2, which makes them more difficult to create than ambulators. One device can be attached to each ambulator at a time, however they can be discarded and replaced for free at any time.

Cards can be tucked to the left or right to make more costs or benefits, but in order to tuck a card the player must have enough "Spark". The spark cost is calculated thus: outputs - inputs + modifier. Each card tucked also requires 1 build.

I haven't actually made any abilities yet, so I will need to do that before the game is complete, however I expect that I can add them as I start playtesting it.

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