NagaDemon 2016: Day 11

I sort of took a few days "off", so I am a little behind. I have given stats (but not abilities) to all of the 148 cards in the main deck, and the 12 character cards that currently remain in the game. I haven't yet made all of the room cards, so I still have work on that front. I also have a lot of mechanics dreamed up, which I will outline here:

Players start with a player card that has stats similar to any other normal card. Each player card has a generic backside that gives them +2 "Spark", and perhaps other generic bonuses so they can remain hidden until they want to reveal who they are (and still have a bonus).

Each player card has a special objective that they can complete for bonus points, most of which has them repairing the castle in order to complete it.

Each player can build clanks and add cards to clanks and other core parts by using "build points" which they get based on their cards in play, and which refresh each turn. Clanks have stats, and can help the player do things. They also can move like the player and can be built up (using the same effect building mechanic that I invented for Sorcery, Inc.)

Clanks can be operated each turn one time, and the operating player must provide enough input things to make the clank run. (similar to S,I.). Any card from the draw deck can be used to improve a clank, so clanks can grow to be much larger than they started as. The limit to clank size is Spark, and a clank that produces more output than input requires the player to have sufficient spark to build it. In order to make really cool machines, players will have to build machines that improve their spark.

Constructs are similar to clanks, but they require the player to discard cards with the appropriate symbols on them to put them into play, but do not require the player to pay a maintenance cost whenever they are run. Since they require more input, they are harder to build than clanks, but they work the same in every room of the castle (regardless of the presence of fuels).

Constructs can be modified in the same manner as clanks.

Devices are similar to clanks, however they are carried by a minion/character/spark, and they add bonuses to the stats of the person. They must be balanced by spark, however they also are limited to 1 additional card per device, and they have a natural balance score of -1 so they will normally be less powerful than constructs or clanks, and require more spark to balance.

Machines are like Clanks or devices, but they are large and require strength to carry them around. To move a machine requires 1 strength per card composing the machine. Machines are easier to balance than other cards, with a base score of +1.

Minions are a different class of card - they are played by having sufficient charisma (and possibly paying other cards), and then they provide their bonuses to you. They can be modified exactly like constructs... Perhaps they should be rolled into constructs actually.

Sparks are other mad scientists that you can cow/inspire to follow you, and they will work with you to help you build things that are too hard for you to build by yourself. They require charisma as well as force you to discard cards to play them, however while they are out, you gain fewer points per room completed.

That brings me to rooms: rooms are similar to the end condition in Sorcery, Inc. - they have requirements to complete them (like 20 prestige in S,I.), however they give points when you do, not just make you win. You start with 4 rooms visible, and every time someone completes a room, three more become visible. I hope that this mechanic makes it easier and easier to complete rooms, and brings the end of the game closer more quickly. Once the castle is completed enough, the game will end after one more turn.

I will still complete this game even if I am behind. I hope to get a playable prototype by the weekend.

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