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I played a game of Moar Moai recently. It went well, however we started talking afterward and came up with some interesting ideas. Here are my notes:

Peek at upcoming events
Add chief
Removing stone
Distribution of resources (claim and then distribute later)
Simplify text on player mat
Circle starting values
Remove visible event pile
Move token more than 1

The gist of the better ideas (as far as I remember them) are:

Modify the explorer token to make it a 'village' token. The new token acts as the explorer token, but also the player that gains the ability to move it is declared (for that turn) the chief. The chief gets the ability to take extra resources (as if (s)he were the player with the lowest number of workers), and also can move the village token by more than one square if (s)he is winning by more than one.

Another idea was to remove stone as a resource from the game. The reasoning behind this idea was that it rarely runs out and it only is used for one thing in the gam…

More playtesting required

I have continued to work on my viking game. It is less broken now than it used to be last time I posted, but still not all the way working. Hopefully I can stop modifying the components at some time, since I keep having to print more and more tokens to make the game run smoothly.

Additionally, I have been really getting excited about the new Dominion: Empires expansion that is coming out. It looks like the cards are going to be pretty cool.