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Witch hunt is back, also I got some art.

I have been receiving artwork for The Perfect Moment recently, and I have to say - it is looking pretty good.

I have also dusted off Grab the Loot, and am considering what to do with it. I want to majorly rewrite it, so I might end up doing just that. The current idea is to bring the gameplay more in line with the silly theme, and to make it lighter and easier (without taking the optimization completely out of it.)

I have made a brief first attempt at that, but more has to be done before it is complete.

I also just made another version of Witch Hunt - this time I dropped it down to 9 cards, and 21 pennies. The BGDG liked it, so you might hear more about it some time. Here are my notes about the play through:

Adding in different types of could allow for different testimony "strength", which would add another layer to the strategy.penny = +1/-1, nickel = +2/-2, dime = +3/-3  Cheating is possible - tucking a penny under a card is prone to players looking.Use opaque cups on a smo…

A short notes post.

Here are my notes for the last BGDG meeting (which I never typed up till tonight): Add an icon to indicate when balancing is necessary?Perhaps scientists are needed to repair a room, but they refresh automatically when the action completesScarcity is fun to play withTime rooms are powerful abilities, and fairly cheap to obtain - perhaps make them more expensiveMake a bonus for ending the game - 3-5 points?machines are worth too much - perhaps 1 point each?make throne of arronax add a part or a coreremove some time cards from the gamesabotage rooms with minions? I have been really busy, so this is all that I am writing up right now.