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My first attempt at a Dominion storage solution

I used a rolling pin on the divider segments of my dominion box insert, so now all the cards fit in without having to be diagonal.
I also can fit in my extra euro sized card protectors that were just sitting around in a bag.
Next I plan to make some dividers for the cards.

Witch Hunt

We played a game of Eminent Domain at work. They would play it again, but I have not brought it back yet since I have been working on one of my goals for the year, and I have not been playing lunch games for this last week. The games continue without me (I made the group, but it has taken a life of its own, so even when I am not there it continues).

I did publish a new version of Dancing Robots online (with the mostly completed artwork), but haven't done much else on that front recently.

I finally got my Dominion base set cards sleeved, and I decided to put all the cards from all the dominion expansions that I own into one box. The expansions that I own are: Dominion, Intrigue, Hinterlands, and Dark Ages (Also a copy of Platnum, Colony, and Walled Village).

I measured that I could just barely not fit three rows of cards into the box (the box is 1mm too narrow), but I decided that I would build it as if I could fit all the cards in anyway, and perhaps try to compress the foam core …

Space Scoundrels

Apparently I have not posted for a week. I am still alive. Work on the new game website is still coming along.

Alison and I played some Eminent Domain last night, and we also played some more Oceania.

At work we have been mostly playing Avalon, but we have played a few games of Love Letter.

Perhaps I will turn the new website into a Creative Accounting website instead of a Collusion website.

The game (Creative Accounting) is undergoing a possible retheme. With all of the people that are scared of math, it seems like space pirates or something like that would be a better theme.

The visual way to track space

Dave got me some new artwork for Dancing Robots. I have updated all of the previously generated cards with the new artwork. The only part that has yet to be drawn is the spring (which is still sporting my trendy artwork).
Here is a gallery of the current look of the cards.
With the new artwork I am more excited about working on dancing robots some more (I have been much more excited about Creative Accounting recently, but that hasn't prevented me from working on Dancing Robots and Collusion as well)
Tonight I put together a simple example of a visual way of displaying the amount of space a card provides or takes up. Here are some of the example cards I made: The cards that provide space have the space that they provide graphically represented on the right side of the card. The cards that use up space have the amount of space that they use up graphically represented on the left side of the card. You stack the cards up until the dark brown bar is as tall as the light brown bar and t…


Over the weekend we played some more games of Council of Verona as well as a game of Creative Accounting. Both games were well received. Creative Accounting has reached a fairly stable point (in terms of rule changes.) I am ready to start to come up with a better theme for the game. The accounting theme is apparently scary and boring to many people.

Let me tell you, coming up with a theme that is both scary and boring at the same time should be considered a feat in and of itself, but that doesn't help the game to be approachable, so I have to change it anyway.

I am thinking that it should be set in space - perhaps in an asteroid mining operation where people are finding valuable things and attempting to smuggle them to a place to sell them. The company that owns the whole mining operation wants to curtail this black market selling of the valuable objects, so they have a mole planted in the crew of the ship. The mole can search people's stuff and try to find smuggled objects, b…

Oat Spiders

For the last three days we have been playing Council of Verona at lunch. The work crew have been enjoying it a fairly well. The best play that was played was a certain player 'poisoning' Romeo with his 5 token (Which fooled everybody into thinking that he really was poisoned and won the player the game).

We also played a game of Avalon, which was pretty good as well.

My Dancing Robot artwork is very nearly done. I can't wait for it to be finally completed.

Alison and I have been working through the games that I brought home from SaltCon. Just last night we played Dominant Species. It was pretty fun. I was ahead in the beginning, and she came back for a close victory at the end. The grub eating eagles and the oat spiders were our favorite parts.