Over the weekend we played some more games of Council of Verona as well as a game of Creative Accounting. Both games were well received. Creative Accounting has reached a fairly stable point (in terms of rule changes.) I am ready to start to come up with a better theme for the game. The accounting theme is apparently scary and boring to many people.

Let me tell you, coming up with a theme that is both scary and boring at the same time should be considered a feat in and of itself, but that doesn't help the game to be approachable, so I have to change it anyway.

I am thinking that it should be set in space - perhaps in an asteroid mining operation where people are finding valuable things and attempting to smuggle them to a place to sell them. The company that owns the whole mining operation wants to curtail this black market selling of the valuable objects, so they have a mole planted in the crew of the ship. The mole can search people's stuff and try to find smuggled objects, but people will begin to suspect after a while, so he can't search to much. Perhaps the captain and the first mate of the ship are obviously not the mole (they would serve the same role as the hippies in the original theme), but perhaps there will be fugitives or something that would fill that role.

The action cards would be named: Smuggle, Play it Safe, and Investigate.
The role cards would be: Crew, Disgruntled Crew, Mole, Captain, and First Mate (or Fugitive)

Each round would be one trip to the asteroids and back to civilization. The 'work dumping' would be replaced by a 'leave people behind in the asteroids to reserve your claim' phase but would behave exactly the same.

Perhaps this would be less scary.

Also: I found a new kickstarter. Coup Reformation

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