The visual way to track space

Dave got me some new artwork for Dancing Robots. I have updated all of the previously generated cards with the new artwork. The only part that has yet to be drawn is the spring (which is still sporting my trendy artwork).

Here is a gallery of the current look of the cards.

With the new artwork I am more excited about working on dancing robots some more (I have been much more excited about Creative Accounting recently, but that hasn't prevented me from working on Dancing Robots and Collusion as well)

Tonight I put together a simple example of a visual way of displaying the amount of space a card provides or takes up. Here are some of the example cards I made:
The cards that provide space have the space that they provide graphically represented on the right side of the card. The cards that use up space have the amount of space that they use up graphically represented on the left side of the card. You stack the cards up until the dark brown bar is as tall as the light brown bar and then you know that you are out of space. 
An example follows. The robot on the left has used 8 of 12 space and has 4 space left. The robot on the right has used 7 of 14 space and has 7 left.
I don't know if this is a good idea, but it seems like it would make keeping track of space a bit easier. I would love to hear any feedback anyone might have about this idea (and about the cards in general).

In other news: We have played a lot of games of Creative Accounting recently. I have not yet committed to a retheme, but I think that it might help the game catch more people's interest. Really I don't want to put work into the retheme until the game work well for perhaps a month without any large changes.
I tried the game out with a group of people from the church, and they liked it. They wanted to play more and more games even though we were supposed to be going home. That to me is a very good sign :). We tried out the rule that prevents anyone from being kicked out two turns in a row, and it seemed to be popular. Also, we tried out allowing the disgruntled employee to know who the accountant is. I am entirely sure both of those rules shouldn't be in at the same time (perfect play with those two rules would guarantee an auditor victory no matter what), but we played them anyway.
We also played some Bohnanza, which was pretty fun. It has been a long time since I played that game.

I have been writing a website for Collusion. When it is playable I will post it here, and explain how it works.

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