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Dealing out the cards

I made a website to set up Werewolf type games. Currently it can deal out the cards for 8 games including:

Two Rooms and a BoomAvalonResistanceTemplar IntrigueCook the BooksWitch HuntDr. BoomWerewolf/Mafia
It also decides who starts in games where a starting player is necessary.

The website is here for those who would like to try it out. I am currently talking with the owners of the games to get permission to use their artwork, but I don't really think that I will get it.

As part of making this website I created a new character for Avalon. It is the Green Knight. He shows up as evil when Merlin and the lady of the lake look at him, but he is actually loyal to Arthur. He is best played when the good characters are too powerful (like at 6 players in our play group for instance).

Dead Drop

Dead Drop is a 2-4 player micro card game. It takes 2-15 minutes to play and could have been named "Clue - the good parts" were it not for copyright reasons.

That last statement is not entirely accurate. It has a similar deduction requirements, but the mechanics are different.

I have played about 30 games so far (given that I printed it on Friday of last week this is a pretty decent amount of games). About 8 were 2 player, 8 were 3 player, and 14 were 4 player.

In the game one card (the drop) is placed face down in the middle and all players attempt to deduce what card that card is by finding out what cards all the other players hold.

There are cards that are visible to all of the players (one per player), and cards that each player holds (1/nth of the remaining cards).

There are three possible actions that players have allow them to swap cards with other players, with the visible cards, and to ask other players if they have specific cards.

A round of the game could end on t…