Dead Drop

Dead Drop is a 2-4 player micro card game. It takes 2-15 minutes to play and could have been named "Clue - the good parts" were it not for copyright reasons.

That last statement is not entirely accurate. It has a similar deduction requirements, but the mechanics are different.

I have played about 30 games so far (given that I printed it on Friday of last week this is a pretty decent amount of games). About 8 were 2 player, 8 were 3 player, and 14 were 4 player.

In the game one card (the drop) is placed face down in the middle and all players attempt to deduce what card that card is by finding out what cards all the other players hold.

There are cards that are visible to all of the players (one per player), and cards that each player holds (1/nth of the remaining cards).

There are three possible actions that players have allow them to swap cards with other players, with the visible cards, and to ask other players if they have specific cards.

A round of the game could end on the first turn no matter how many players there are with bold enough players, but with two players a round can reasonably end in one turn. It seems that this happens 25% of the games. Since the game takes three rounds minimum this means that the game is actually 25% shorter than it should be with two players.

Additionally in the two player game the action that allows you to trade cards is weaker (since it only really works once and gives the opponent as much info as you get).

With four players you have only two cards in your hand, so the sell secrets action reveals all of your cards to the player that you sell your secrets to. This weakens the action, but as it was already a powerful action it is still sometimes a good idea to use.

The game is fun with two or four players, but it really shines with three players. With three players you have the ability (through careful play) to prevent other players from seeing one of your cards, and so you can keep people guessing about what you really have.

Since the stretch goals for the kickstarter campaign add more cards to the game box I expect that the four player version of the game can be just as awesome as the three player version (just add four more cards when playing with four players). If you wanted to play with five players, adding 8 more cards would allow for that as well. Hopefully they will include rules for that so that we don't have to make a house rule.

As I have never been sad about buying Council of Verona, and this game seems to be just as versatile I am supporting this kickstarter campaign.

In other news: We have started playing Dr Boom at our work, and it is pretty fun. I am sad that I did not support the 2 Rooms and a Boom kickstarter campaign.

Finally, some people are currently blind playtesting Dancing Robots. Hopefully they either give good reviews or come up with good feedback.

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