NaGaDeMon 2013 Day -1

Today is Halloween, which means that tomorrow marks the beginning of National Game Design Month 2013.

Last year I created Dancing Robots, which I am almost ready to start pitching to publishers.

This year I have two games that I am considering making:
1) a worker placement game where you attempt to build the most Moai (giant stone statues) which ends(enters the scoring phase) when the island is stripped of all resources.
2) a single/cooperative multiplayer game thematically based on the Roguelike genera of computer games.

The first is currently tentatively labeled 'MOAR MOAI!' (though that will likely change). I have considered how I want the game to play out quite a bit, but haven't yet worked through the math behind it. I am thinking it will take a couple of mats and a bunch of colored cubes. One mechanic that I think would be cool is having the game occur over two phases - the building phase (where you cut trees, feed your people, and build stone heads), and the scoring phase (where a different civilization comes in and discovers the statues and you gain points based on how many of your statues they discover)

The second has no working title. I think that the goal will be to retrieve an item from the bottom of a dungeon which is peopled with evil monsters and traps and stuff. The equipment will be randomly generated and the monsters will get harder each level that you explore. As you explore, you will build the dungeon, and when you go down a stair you clean up the last level and use the same tiles to build the next level. Probably the item that you grab will be less than useless to you (perhaps it will nullify some of your defenses or something like that. It might even 'level you down' as you ascend the dungeon and also destroy your items.)

I will continue to post as I start up.

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