Witch Hunting for fun and profit

We have been playing more Witch Hunt recently. With the recent modifications to the rules (mainly reducing the amount of testimony cards that players have) the game is moving along much quicker. Perhaps it is even going too quickly now.

I might have to give a different number of testimony cards based on how many players there are. Probably the way that this will change is that the player will get all of their testimony cards and then discard down to the number of cards that is required.

Here is a possible chart
PlayersCards EachTotal Cards

I am also thinking that the persons are going to have to change (probably I will make fewer of them in total).

Finally, I think that this game is nearly good enough to open it up to blind playtesting. Once I get some functional artwork I will put out a call for playtesters. If anyone reading this wants to volunteer to playtest, send me a message.

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