Two rooms and a zombie boom

We played a memorable game of Two Rooms and a Boom today.

There were fourteen players: five red, one bomber, five blue, one president, one zombie, and one nuclear tyrant.

The zombie plague took the other room on the first round sparing only the president (who had held out when the initial infection occurred).

Most of the blue team was infected before the first swap as only one blue guy was in the other room.

During the first round the red team successfully found the nuclear tyrant and partially treated him (which also allowed him to know the bomber's identity), and cast him to the other room so that the president could finish him off.

The first swap occurred: one zombie traded for one nuclear tyrant

The second round the tyrant zombies up (instead of being fully disarmed by the president), and the zombie infects the bomber and the remaining blue team member through confusion.

The third round the tyrant goes back to try to infect the remainder and takes over the first room with help of all the zombies there.

One non zombie is sent to the other room.

Threat of blowing them all up convinces the three remaining non zombies to join the zombie team, and the room plots to send over an ambassador to the other room to convince them to keep all non zombies over there on the last swap so that the bomber can come over and blow them up.

The final swap approaches, and everything seems to be working out, but when the swap occurs the non zombie president comes back...

I don't know how he managed to convince a room full of zombies to send him away, but somehow he did it.

In the end, the president was the only winner since all of the other players were either red or zombies at this point.

I am going to have to talk to him tomorrow to figure out how he did it.

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