SaltCon: recap

Over the last weekend we went to SaltCon.

I didn't win the Ion Award (my two finalist games were moderately well received, so perhaps next year I will do better and win). One thing that I learned was that there are actually publishers that want finished art (which is one thing that I have never spent the time to do since I am not really an artist).

On Friday we had a Sandy board game designers meetup. We played Moar Moai and Above and Below. Ryan has cleaned up the visual aspects of the game quite a bit (it looks pretty beautiful right now). He also changed it so that there were more buildings that could be bought (which was one of our complaints about the game before). It is good that he is so responsive.

There were still a few little things that we wanted changed (one symbol was confusing, one card had things in reverse order, and the new versions of the adventure cards have not been printed up yet), but all in all it is looking like the game is coming together quite nicely.

My phone camera sucks, so sorry for the blurriness.

We have done more work on Sorcery, Inc. It is moving more slowly since I spent a lot of time last week preparing for my presentations for the Ion award. I think that I will probably take a small break from it for a while and instead finish my initial reworking of Polynesia (I started it but then started Sorcery, Inc. right in the middle of it.)

Finally, I got some games. I now need a new Dominion storage solution...

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