Words Preferred 4:1 Over Icons.

I have been working on 'Moar Moai!' more recently. The player mats have gotten a rewrite, and we have tried out the chief idea as well as a few other ideas. I put up a poll in BGG, and learned that about %80 of the people that responded liked a word based player mat instead of a symbol based mat. This is surprising to me as I am someone that likes the symbol based mat better.

Here are the two mats in question:

Both look pretty good to me, but I think that I am going with a word based mat since it is better liked.

I am also reworking the map, and getting art for the box, and rewriting the rules.

One of the changes to the rules that I am considering is pretty large: reducing the scores in the game by a huge amount. This was requested by multiple play-testers because they didn't like the math at the end of the game. I am really giving it a shot, but I worry about how it will affect the strategy of the game. We will know soon, though, since I am going to try it out the next time that I play.

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