Getting geared up for NagaDemon

I played roll for the galaxy and broom service for the first time on Friday. Both were interesting, however I like race better than roll right now.

Broom service was quite interesting. There were elements of set collection, press your luck, and second guessing the other players.

Sunday Alison and I played Forbidden Desert, which seems to me like a better Forbidden Island. My phone wanted to call the game Forbidden Dessert, which would be another game entirely.

I am just about to start NagaDemon for another year. This year I have been thinking of making a Girl Genius themed game that reimplements Sorcery, Inc. But fixes the worst parts of it.

It starts on November first, so I haven't done much more than mull ideas over, but hopefully I can get a lot done by the end of November.

The things that I want to fix about sorcery are the the lack of a scoring method (currently you either win or lose, but you don't really have points), and the overly abstract nature of the resources.

I am pretty excited about this idea. The story is based on Castle Heterodyne (a giant, evil, sentient building) being mostly broken and trying to get itself fixed (the players are convicts that were thrown in there to repair the building as part of their sentence.)

The players will get points by repairing rooms (they have to build whatever machines are necessary to fix the building).
Each player will have unique abilities, and will build clanks (stream punk robots) and constructs (Frankenstein's monsters) to help them. They will also attract minions and lesser sparks (people that can build reality altering machines).

I have a month to make it, so hopefully it can all come together in time.

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