Friday, March 24, 2017

Too many cooks and another BGDG meeting

On Tuesday I went to the Layton BGDG meeting a bit early and played a few games before the meeting started. I got some good feedback, and thought that I would record it here.


  • The game should be bigger.
  • When you lose armies, you should gain things to offset the loss of armies (abilities?)
  • Secret goals?
  • More players? - attack the people near you only
Grab the Loot:
  • Calculate scores differently - add greed cards into everyone's loot to simplify it.
  • Make a game over card to add to the bottom of the greed deck.
  • Add to the rules the "do everything that you can" rule, so that when an ability is impossible, you still get to use it
  • Double sided greeds that are rotatable
  • Record scores to see if they are too swingy, and recalculate to make them tighter
  • Slots should not be the same
  • Make players have a secret treasure (or greed) that other players do not know about.
  • Spend your loot for abilities.
    • Spend treasure to flip up a card?
  • Break the scoring to add in options for other scoring methods.
Since I am grooming Grab the Loot in the hopes that it will one day become a game that Mayday Games would want to publish, I think that that will be the first one to work on.

My two contest entries are feeling pretty close to complete right now, so I don't need to work on them in a pressing manner, however I think that it would be good to work on them in the near future as well.

I also started to work on a new game - tentatively called "Too Many Cooks" (I know that there is already another Reiner Knizia game named that - I am just going to have to figure out a better name some time before it becomes complete) - which is like a boardless version of Tigris and Euphrates  right now. I am going to fool around with it some more before I playtest it to make sure that there are rules which cover all of the basic situations that could occur.

Finally, I played "Lanterns" for the first time recently. It was pretty fun. It had a lot of player interaction given that the premise of the game made it seem like multi player solitaire.