More Witches!

We have been hunting witches a lot recently. We have changed the game a fair amount, and are considering changing it more. The most up to date rules can be found here.

Some changes that have been made:

Balancing the Governor and Magistrate to make them give a standing bonus (+3) or penalty (-3) instead of making them kill players outright.
Changing the pastor to give other players point penalties for not helping him.
Changing the way that the roles gain points (almost all of them)
Removing 'Witches' from the game entirely. There are now 'hags', 'trollops', and 'crones', all of which still have effects that activate upon people looking at them.
Split up the Accomplices and the Witch Haters into more people (they still share common point gaining mechanisms, but they are quite different now.)

We have experimented with different values of claim cards (+2, +1, 0, -1, -2), and (+1, +1, +0, -1, -1). It remains to be seen which set will win out.

The action cards are still mostly the same as they were originally.

We are trying to determine what would be the best way to simplify the point gaining at the end of the game (It is often a chaotic mess).

Tomorrow I am going to a game night for some people in our ward (read neighborhood if you don't understand the aforementioned word). Perhaps we will play Dancing Robots, Perhaps we will play Witch Hunt. I am not entirely sure yet which one will win out.

In non-board gaming news I set up a RoboCode tournament at work, which went well. Hopefully next time we will have a larger turnout (only 8 contestants), and will have better robots (most couldn't beat walls at all)

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