Monday, February 9, 2015

A Great Day

I came home and found that my copy of Harbour arrived. It is a fun worker placement tableau building game by Tasty Minstrel Games. I backed it as a Kickstarter project (I also playtested it, so I knew that I would like it already), and it finally arrived.

I sleeved the cards and plan on playing it tomorrow.

After that I got an email telling me that I was announced as an ION Award finalist today :).

I submitted 5 games to be judged and two of them were chosen as finalists: Hungry Oni, and Moar Moai. I sort of expected Moar Moai to do well. It is a simple game that has a lot of strategy, but Hungry Oni was a bit of a surprise. It is really minimalist (I built it as a microgame, to see if I could), so it is not really that big a game.

Either way I am really excited to go to SaltCon and see what happens.

Weather or not I win I will still feel like a winner, since I already have a publisher looking at two of my games, and that was really my main reason for submitting anything to the contest.

Also, I am participating in the SaltCon Math Trade, and you should too. I'll even deliver your stuff to the trade for you if you get it to me.