More Magic, Inc.

We played two more games of "Magic, Inc." (as we have been calling it right now), and we have had to change some of the rules some more. It is becoming a better game, but it isn't yet super good.

The 4 justice card
Currently we are still trying to make lucky draws less of an issue in the game (I hate when games come down to lucky draws. If a player set up a much better strategy than their opponent then it should be easy for them to win and hard for the other player to win).

We recently changed the rules to allow players to build The Universal Machine using cards from their hands. This is pretty cool since it allows the players to choose the tone of the game and makes most games different (since there are a reasonable number of combinations of universal machines that could exist (343 for 2 players, 2401 for 4 players, etc)).

During our first game last night I built a machine that could convert 2 growth into 5 prestige and then I ran it two times using extra time from my hand. Finally I had 2 5's and 2 prestige's in my hand, so I won.

During the second game Alison built a machine that could convert 1 persistence into 3 prestige + 1 time and she was going to win, but I had a lucky draw (love) and used her machine to win.

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