Monday, December 30, 2013

Creamsicle Pink Hotness

I have been working more on my card art and making the AI play more strongly. I will post a new version of the game to my website after I run a few more acceptance tests on it (so that everyone can be devastated by a strong AI snatching the victory away from them).

Alison reminded me last night that my spacious chassis didn't have a heat capacitance on it. Because of that, I began to fool around with more artwork. I first added the heat symbol (which might need to be bigger to look good), and then made it a creamsicle pink to try to indicate that it is a passive heat capacitance instead of an active heating.

I am starting to think that passive things like provided space and heat capacitance should be in a light color, and active things like adding heat or reducing space should be dark. I wonder if a blue fire symbol might reasonably indicate that the card reduces heat.

The only real worry that I have is that colorblind individuals might not be able to correctly parse that.

Either way, with the pink fire symbol, I decided that an orange creamsicle provided space symbol was needed as well and I updated the space symbol accordingly.

Since I have been making so many text layers look sort of fancy, last night I made a Gimp script to do it for me (basically you select a text layer and run the script and it makes it look like all of my text looks like on the card). The script can be found here.