Coin Age

I was watching the kids today because my wife is sick. When I put them down for a nap I read some more about Coin Age (which is on kickstarter and already funded, with 10 days to go)

It is a very small game where you use coins to vie for control of a land. The game has a map and each player has a set of coins as well.

The unique mechanic is that you shake up to 4 coins and slap them down to determine what you can do each turn. 0 of your chosen coin face and you capture an enemy coin. 1 and you place a coin of your own on the board. In either case you may move any coin stack in the board as well. 2 or more of your face lets you place 2 coins, and if all four are your face you may give a coin to the opponent to place three coins

A very simple set of rules which (combined with the equally simple scoring mechanic) allows for fairly deep strategic play.

I somehow convinced my sick wife to play a game with me and even with her feeling under the weather she beat me by 11. (Apparently my initial strategy needs some improving)

It is the type of game that this world needs more of. Not scary like so many good games are to non gamers (auto correct wanted me to type mom gamers, which is not really the largest market segment), but also not mind numbingly boring like other games which I will not name on this blog.

My opinion is that the game is definitely worth the three dollars they are asking for it (and probably worth the 5 they are hoping you will donate for it).

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