A Robot is Forever

I played some more (5) games of Coin Age, and decided that it is worth pledging to get an official copy of it. The game has a moderate amount of randomness, but also a fair amount of strategic choices that players can make when playing, and for $3-5 it is not that big an expense.

I made some updates to dancing robots today and hope to make more tomorrow. I am wrestling with a way to prevent a skillful player from building a robot that can run forever on photo-voltaic cells, a droid chassis, one of each appendage, and luck (add a capacitor for the ability to also dance the ultimate dance once before blowing up spectacularly).

One thing that I am really not happy about (in terms of the website version) is the AI. It is sometimes passably intelligent, but most of the time really dumb. Hopefully I can fix it soon. Perhaps I will put in a neural network to prevent me from having to teach it myself.

We played some Resistance Avalon today at lunch. I was Merlin for the last game and we rocked. I was pretty blatant about calling out one spy, but I do that so often that no-one thought I was acting unusually.

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