More art (Work In Progress)

We played a fairly nondescript game of Bang, and two games of Avalon at lunch today.

I fooled around with artwork some more, but am still fairly unhappy with it. I decided that the basic claw looks OK and that I should start seeing what other types of cards would look like, but when I began to do that I realized that the title text takes too long to make, and is prone to mistakes. I fooled around with various plug ins, but I think that I will have to create my own plug in to be really happy.

As I was fooling around with that, I also considered whether the symbols in the upper right of the card are actually useful. Perhaps I will remove them all together. I also tried to figure out a way to make the positive space provided by the chassis cards look different from the negative space provided by the other parts, but didn't come up with anything that I liked.

Finally, As I worked on those things I also decided that since the Spacious Chassis has no rule text I would have to make it also have no rule text box (it looks really stupid with a blank one.) In the end I need to figure out how to make these things look better. Here's to hoping that Dave comes up with something better.

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