Here lies Mike the adventurer, killed by a king cobra on level 8 of the dungeon.

I was testing out the balance of Roguelike last night and had a pretty fun game. I took pictures during the process so that I could more easily do a write up.

Starting gear: Potion of speed, Helmet

Level 1: Got a item drop and fought two kobolds (for two more items). I lost one hp to a fox, but other than that remained unscathed. An altar allowed me to curse identify a short sword that I got from a kobold. Also got a wand of sleep (which saved my bacon a few times later on).

Level 2: After getting kicked by a bunch of emus I picked up some potions, a leather armor, a scroll of enchant weapon/armor, and a ring of hunger (though I didn't know that was what it was at the point).

Level 3: Killed a bunch of zombies, Ided my ring of hunger (and uncursed it to make it a ring of slow digestion), got a spear and a ring of attack off of an orc (for big damage). The wolves were really hurting me so I was having a hard time. Eventually I had to flee the level because a giant ant was going to kill me.

Level 4: The level started with a rothe cornering me on the stairs. I had to zap ye olde unidentified wand of sleep at it to survive. After that I was doing well until this water demon came up and started chasing me. I ran down a long corridor and to a dead end. I zapped it with my wand of sleep and left it at the end of the hall.

Level 5: I got chased by a bunch of ocher jellies (two of them) and a centaur. I had to zap them all with my wand of sleep. I got an iron wand (which was a wand of death, though I didn't know it at the time). The wand of sleep blew up later when I was trying to fight off a centaur so in desperation I zapped my wand of death. As a side note, you want to save all your charges on the wand of death for the chromatic dragon, so that was a bad move for my chances for surviving the end game. Either way it died and I got a bunch of armor and a two handed axe. I also found a second ring of slow digestion as well as a +1 dagger of slow digestion! I dumped the rings since the dagger was way cooler. I left when I was being chased by a killer bee.

Level 6: A degenerate level. killed a jabberwock and got a potion.

Level 7: I fought entirely vampires and giants on this level. I found a magic cloak (of attack) and a glass and a silver wand. I burned out the wand of death and nearly burned out my wand of cancellation fighting the vampires. I also had managed to squirrel away 2 potions of healing.

Level 8: I came down the down stair and was face to face with a king cobra. It was faster than me, so I had only the chance to zap a wand at it. Accidentally I zapped it with a wand of speed monster (they were both unidentified). It bit me for 4 damage and put me at 1 hp. A potion of healing brought me back to full, but then it bit me for 4 more and I was at 2 hp. I had another potion, but realized that it was futile. There was no way out. I zapped it with my other wand (a wand of fire), which put it at 3 hp and then it killed me.

The game ended up pretty fun. I added dual wielding, limits on free actions, altar identification/curse removal (for the price of a corpse), and instant poison of death (cause king cobras should be worse than they are).

It was a happy game.

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