Smarter Dancing Robots AI

My new Dancing Robots AI is now available to play against (here). It should be much smarter than previous incarnations (though still not as smart as I am when I make no mistakes).

I need to decide if my next goal for the website is to make the game play more graphical (add card images and the likes) or if I want to add in dancing animations at the end of the dance off.

As I have been testing the new AI  I have been also testing the feel of the recent rules changes to the game. I like how discarding all the unused cards at the beginning of the dance off makes parts scarcity a bigger problem, but I am not quite sure about the way that that makes saving extra moves impossible (like holding onto the move that you just needed one more part to dance so that in the second dance off you can dance it easily). The changes also makes Bomberman a worse judge. Perhaps I will increase his bonuses to compensate for that.

Nuclear reactors (with the additional heat that I recently added to the multi movers and the tractor beams) are a little bit better, and sometimes a good idea. (the Rutherford judge pushes them over to often being a good idea).

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