Though I haven't yet got my cards back, a few things of interest have been happening recently, so I thought I would post.

I played Acquire for the first time. It was really great. I intend on playing it again. It is exciting to find an old game that is still really fun.

I drew a new map for MOAR MOAI. I tried to combine the score tracks with the resource tracks for the first time. I think that it looks awful.

For this reason I talked with Dave about drawing me a better map. He has some good ideas, and I like his art style, so I am looking forward to his product.

I set up a new game night for the Sandy board game playtesting group. It is next Wednesday. We are meeting at the Barnes and Noble near fort union, so come if you can.

I also found out that my Uncle is an artist. I like his artwork style, and I could see hiring him in the future.

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