Another Polynesia post

I have been modifying Polynesia a lot recently. We have renamed strategies to leaders (and changed the way that they work), re-instituted the god draft, changed the attacks to favor the defender, removed the military deck, changed the way that attacks work entirely (they are penalties for gaining points now), rearranged the cards, and rewritten my card generation website.

I need to figure out a better leader symbol. The current symbol is on the card to the right (it is a guy with a big hat. That says leader to me.)

One of the biggest recent changes was moving the text that you care about when the card is in play to the top of the card, and the text that you care about when it is in your hand to the bottom. The way that the cards are stacked up during the game necessitated this (and having Ryan Laukat tell me that sort of cemented it in my mind.)

Here are the most recent cards.
Here is the card generator website.

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