NaGaDeMon 2013 Day 30: The End

Today is the end of National Game Design Month.

Over the course of the month I designed Moar Moai and Roguelike.

I would say that Moar Moai is pretty darn playable, and that Roguelike is at least barely playable.

Moar Moai has one open point of contention right now, and that is the exact way in which artifacts turn into control over the adventurers. I think that I will end up with players having perfect control over what 'cards' they get (although they might end up as tokens on a specific part of the mat instead of cards), but not know what 'cards' other players have until the scoring round actually starts.

Roguelike is still largely unbalanced, and I have never played games with the new weapon cards that I have invented because I have never printed them up (here in California I do not have access to my card creation equipment). Perhaps next week I will do that. It does seem to work without the tokens (+1 etc), but needs a mat to be printed up to make it really work (so that you can record what item is +1 or +2).

Perhaps I will continue to work on both of them, but I would like to also work on Dancing Robots again.

I hear that my artwork guy has produced some more artwork for it (for the record, the image to the right is his first sample artwork that he produced before things got a little crazy).

I have not been working on the Dancing Robots website for a while, so when I next look at that perhaps I will have some good changes to make.

Last night we played a game of Two Rooms and a Boom. I feel that the game is a pretty cool idea, I love the time based mechanic and the fact that the game is so open to many different play styles. The kickstarter campaign ended up with over 1000% funding, so that is super cool. Perhaps we will see copies of the game in stores some time soon. The best part about the game is the frantic trying to make a decision in the last seconds of the game.

The worst part of the game is the suggestive text on many of the cards. A card would have an ability that says 'you can't show other players this card' and it would have flavor text of 'I have castration anxiety'. The flavor text is just for flavor (so it is entirely unnecessary). I wouldn't feel comfortable playing this game with my children (that is my children when they are old enough to play the game) with the current version of the cards that already exist. For this reason I did not back the game. In the future if there is printed a version of the game that is more family friendly I will probably purchase it, but as it stands I would not want it in my house.

Last night we also played about 7 games of Avalon. Both teams won repeatedly, and people seemed to have a fun time. We added Percy, Mordred, Morgana, Merlin, and Assassin (some games with one of them and some with the others). One player (Amanda) won every time, but other than that I think that everyone won and lost some games. It was fun.

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