NaGaDeMon 2013 Day 15

I worked a bit on the changes to Moar Moai, but then I got side tracked by working on Roguelike.

I think that I am ready to do a first printing of Roguelike and see how it works out. I have already made all of the room/hallway tiles, the mundane/enchantment tokens, and created all of the cards that I can envision needing (at this point in time). The current boss is named the chromatic dragon, and as it stands it should be nearly impossible to kill (it hits first due to its breath attacks, has perfect armor (no sword in the game can damage it, even when it is sleeping), and enough hit points to withstand a blast from a wand of death (the only other monsters that can survive a wand of death are all undead).

The expected way to kill it is to blast it twice with a wand of death, but perhaps enterprising players will find other ways.

I played a game of Moar Moai with Chris this morning. We were trying the new rules (the ones with purchasing cards and such), but during the last turn Chris realized that he couldn't win under any circumstance, so we just called the game. Perhaps next time we play we will get to test the card buying.

I also played Avalon yesterday. It was very fun. I was surprised how much the new roles helped out. I will play it over thanksgiving with my family (both sides).

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