NaGaDeMon 2013 Day 2

Yesterday I decided to make 'MOAR MOAI'. I started coming up with rules and such. I made decisions as to which cubes I would use for which resources. I also counted the cubes. Here are the results:

maroon  16 5 stone/statues
yellow  20 stone/statues
red     32 meats
orange  39 trees
pink    37 dudes
blue    36 fishs
green   33 plant
total  213

I got the cubes from a really cheap source, so they are super low quality (also, I got 13 bonus cubes, so I am not complaining.)

I decided today to change the cube coloring a bit, and cut down the amounts for most of them:

maroon  16 Statues
yellow  16 Canoes
red     32 Pigs
orange  32 Stone
pink    32 Dudes
blue    32 Fish
green   32 Trees
total  192

I played a few solo games and changed the rules a bit from my original vision of them. As they currently stand, they are here. The first game I played ended with no points having been scored. The second was much better. The third was also better than the second. Perhaps it will be pretty good by Monday (or at least playable for my co-workers over lunch.)

As I was playing a solo game, Andrea (my three year old daughter) asked to join in. I explained to her the general concept (these are your guys, they can get food and cut down trees and dig up rocks. you can only get these fish because they are closer to the island, and these ones are in the deep water.) After my explanation she said:

"This guy will get fish and this guy will make bacon, and this guy will cut down a tree to make a canoe."

I hadn't told her that there were canoes in the game, but apparently that was the reason for cutting down trees in her book. She is very smart. She also knew that killing a pig got you bacon.

Also, yesterday we played a game of Inspectres Unspeakable (as our yearly Halloween RPG). It ended up pretty fun, although I might decide to limit the amount of sub plots that can be going on in any game (there were three major goals the whole game, and we ended up having characters trying to punch, poison, and cast spells on each other quite a bit.) In the end two people went insane and one person was eaten by a dark god.

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