NaGaDeMon 2013 Day 5

I played two more games last night. Fairly extensive changes to the rules followed the games.

I realized that permanent canoes are great for the game, so they are a reality right now. This allows players to more easily commit piscicide, and allows the game to end due to not only the loss of all trees, but also due to the loss of all fish.

The number of canoes can be reduced to 8 as long as there are only 32 fish in the game because 8 canoes can entirely empty the deep ocean out in a few turns (assuming that the shallow ocean is also empty)

I also realized that pigs are superfluous, and I removed them. The players have to be a little bit more careful when they are fishing, but the game is still very playable. (perhaps even more so due to the simplification of the rules and the lessening of the number of parts).

Finally, I decided that 16 trees is enough for 2 players. Perhaps with 4 players 32 trees would be better, but until I get four players I don't need to worry about that.

The point gathering phase of the game can be super fun (there was a situation (of which I will post a picture below) where the player who played last was guaranteed to win if they played their cards right.)

As you can see, the player on the left has more guys, so he wins if the explorers stop on level 1, 4, or 5, but the player on the right wins if the explorers stop on 2, 3, or 6 (the three orange cubes are also statues, I just ran out of maroon ones). Both guys were dealt 3 sit around cards and two explore cards. I will let you work out all of the possible combinations, but it ended up that the guy who played first would lose if both players played perfectly.

I will try to get some people to play at lunch today. Hopefully that happens. Either way I will update the rules and keep working on it.

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